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Lassenne Vocale is a Brussels-based chamber choir that was founded mainly by instrumentalists from the Brussels Royal Conservatories. With its name referring to the underground river flowing through the city center, Lassenne vocale has chosen to promote the interest of choral music in Brussels by offering different kinds of repertoires from Renaissance to modern. Together with Swara Vocal Ensemble, Lassenne Vocale took part at the premier of “Messe Solennelle”, composed by Xavier Deprez, at the event “Messe des artistes”, organized by ARS in Cathedrali in 2019. Later on the same year, Lassenne Vocale collaborated with Familia Cantoum (Letohrad) and Piccolo Coro (Prague)  in performing a concert tour in Czech Republic. In 2021, Lassenne Vocale participated in a project called “Cathedralis” by Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of David Navarro Turres, performing pieces for choir and orchestra and some modern a cappella works.


Anaïs Bentz, Anete Kārkliņa, Christine Renson, Émilie Debus, Eva Contreras Ynzenga,

France Reeb, Ildiko Zambo, Lydia Pernal-Stoddart, Maarit Pihlamies, Miranda Tiona,

Muriel Waerenburgh, Pauline Préel, Vivian Xu.


Anke Seidler, Claire Stoeckel, Fabienne Delbrouck, Giulia Quarta, Ilze Kuniga van Merwijk,

Irina Kappelhof-Costea, Myrto Sifaki, Veerle Willems, Xavier Diez.


Akihiko Hosoda, Bastien Girard, Baptiste Poussin, Jarmo Koistinen,

Jonathan Farrant, Philippe Naves.


Andy Williams, Étienne Helleputte, Maël Leroux, Mbolanirina Rabetsimatahodriaka,

Michael Forte, Rafael Núñez Velázquez, Richard Ivens.

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